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Give your business
The PayPlatter wings !!


The PayPlatter Advantages

More Business

Add and maintain all your vendors and pay-outs to them using convenient channels.

Lesser Operational Costs

A lot of routine and mundane operational activities will not be required that you may be doing today.

Happy Customers

You will surely be able to delight your customers with simple, convenient and effective access to your services and support.

One-Stop Portal

No juggling between multiple platforms. You will have one single dashboard in PayPlatter even as you continue using existing tools and utilities.

PayPlatter Services

PayPlatter enables you to manage all the critical cogs in the wheel to help scale your business and reduce your cost at the same time

Omni-Channel Payment

Get empowered to accept payments via multiple channels - attract more business.

Invoice Generation

Generate instant and scheduled invoices and make the payment easy for your customers via a quick payment web-link.

Customer Life-cycle

Manage entire life-cycle of your customers specific to your business needs.

Customer Connect

Stay connected with your customers with conversations, chats, document exchange - all integrated with your portal.


Let your customers book appointments with you and your staff for the published time slots - all online and real-time. 

Facilities Booking

Make all your facilities available online to your customers for booking - no more conflicts.

Dynamic Workflows

Make workflows on the fly per your needs to collect, underwrite, and process data for application, survey, feedback and more. 

Event Booking

Publish events online that you organize - let your customers discover and participate. 

Access to your data

Compile information for internal processes - review and / or publish report to meet compliance norms and standards to stay transparent.

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